Mermaid Enthusiasts Share Their Passion

Mermaids - Mermaid Enthusiasts Share Their Passion
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Ireland The Celtic Way
Ireland The Celtic Way is a cinematically rich exploration of the land and legends of the emerald isle: Eire Land. Discover surprising indo-European origins, brave history, vivid imagination, and deep spirituality while exploring elves, fairies, and the role of imagination. Historic megalithic sites come to life as Ireland, presented in…
Part of the Series: Monsters Among Us Series
Humans have always sought justification for the presence of evil in the world. Demons, in their various incarnations through religious descriptions, folklore, and literature, are often cited as the source.
Part of the Series: Monsters Among Us Series
Witches in popular culture have a particularly insidious origin - religious persecution. In later years, the image of a witch has evolved - both through pop culture, and greater religious freedom.
Werewolves and Shapeshifters
Part of the Series: Monsters Among Us Series
In this final episode, the role shapeshifters have played in stories and legends is explored. The evolution of the concept eventually brought us Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Wolf Man.
The Golden People Are All of Us - A Brazilian Indigenous Tribe
Inspired in a Guarani myth about the creation of the world, the film shows a magical encounter between a Tupi-Guarani tribe and an orchestra formed by young Germans visiting Brazil.
I Live For Art - A Journey Into Meaning And The Creative Process
A humorous, satirical and unique philosophical exploration of the creative process - its angst, its thrills, its purpose and its methods. Bringing together three of our worlds most unique artists, a famous quantum physicist/philosopher, and a world renown story teller; I LIVE FOR ART explores this most vital aspect; creativity…
Seven Steps to Mercy - Cracking the Shakespeare Code
Is this the solution to the Oak Island mystery? This is the amazing story of Petter Amundsen, a Norwegian organist, who believes he has deciphered a secret code hidden in Shakespeare's first folio. The code reveals a treasure map where mythical objects described in the bible and controversial manuscripts are…
Janus Effect - The Roman God of the Gates in Literature
Janus was the Roman God who looked both ways and embodies the idea of someone who appears to hold different and contradictory ideas at the same time. Filmmaker Malcolm Hossick explores how this affected the lives of three remarkable men - Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and Charles Darwin.
Monsters Among Us Series
Monsters. Ghosts. Zombies. From horror movies to Halloween, we see the creatures that go bump in the night everywhere, but where did they come from? The primal fears of our ancestors fueled the stories that lived on through legend, page, and screen. Join us as we peer into the histories…
The Search for Ulysses
"The Search of Ulysses," a 1966 CBS News Special retracing the legendary journey of the Homeric hero in an effort to find the real man within they myth. The broadcast was inspired by the book "Ulysses Found," written by British classicist and explorer Ernle Bradford. In over a decade of…
Mythology is Alive And Well
Give students the opportunity to appreciate the relationship between Olympian gods and legends and contemporary music, poetry, science and cultural images-from science fiction and space probes to Peter Pan and rock festivals. The program explores the archetypal images of human-kind and society through classic tales of Zeus, Demeter, Pluto, Artemis,…
Mythology Lives! Ancient Stories & Modern Literature
This program reacquaints students with stories of the past, points out their recurring themes and characters, and gives them a look at the modern day counterpart. Includes the triumph of good over evil(Superman), tragic love(Orpheus and Eurydice; Romeo and Juliet), innocence in peril(Little Red Riding Hood), and fatal beauty(Helen of…