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Gerhard Richter: 4 Decades - The Famous Painter's Early Work
In 2002, the Museum of Modern Art in New York held the first major retrospective of Gerhard Richter's work in the America. Curator Robert Storr and the artist selected 188 paintings for the show. This film presents a rare opportunity…
Francis Bacon and the Brutality of Fact - The Famous Painter Disscusses His Style
In his London studio, British painter Francis Bacon discusses his work and approach with David Sylvester, a friend and close observer of his art since the late 1940s. Central to their conversation are Bacon's controversial, horrifying subjects, and surprising style.…
A Composer's Notes - Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera
Philip Glass provides an intimate look at the inspiration, development, and production of his third opera, Akhnaten . Two productions of the opera premiere almost simultaneously, at the Stuttgart Opera and the Houston Grand Opera. Their dramatically different interpretations of…
Gregory Crewdson - The Aesthetics of Repression
Gregory Crewdson is a leading figure in a major movement in photography, one that favors fantasy over realism and is often inspired by the cinema. Crewdson is interested in the psychology underlying the American suburban experience and finds photography to…
Monk - A Portrait of the Legendary Jazz Musician
A portrait about the great Jazz composer and pianist, Thelonious Monk. Clip #1: "Monk" - Clip #2: "Monk in Europe" -
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Robert Morris: Retrospective
This retrospective exhibition gives brilliant insight into the artist's work of the last 4 decades. Credit for this highly sensitive selection of Morris' work goes to Rosalind Krauss, who curated the exhibition. We invited artist and curator to come back…